"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound

"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound (remastered)

domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2013

Three Aspects of Love

Boas noites.
Desta vez sou eu, Rebel Moon, para vos postar um poema que decidi intitular de "Three Aspects of Love".

Porquê? Porque tenho notado que agora o que está na moda é dar nomes como "Fifty Shades of Grey", "Six Degrees of Separation", etc. Logo decidi fazer um post (e poema) com este nome. E assim fica :P

E agora o poema:

"Love is a mystery,
For that I'm sure.
But for that feeling to show,
One of three aspects must be shown.

First, Love is like fire.
It burns through your veins,
Steps into your heart,
Till nothing remains.

Second, Love is like curiosity.
The feeling of wanting to know someone,
To know that person,
Until the things you don't know about are none.

Third, Love is like a tribute.
You love so tenderly the other
That you got obssessed
And you don't even try to look for another.

And then it disappears.
Like a flame on a candle.
For love has such strength,
That even humans can't handle."


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