"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound

"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound (remastered)

sábado, 10 de novembro de 2012

The Story of the cat

Faz um tempo que não posto nada aqui.
Venho-vos falar de uma história que ouvi, já de há uns anos atrás (por palavras minhas, obviamente :P)

"Once upon a time" I met a little cat.
She was beautiful like the colour she was: black as the night.
I tried to befriend her, be close to her
And when I knew it,
I fell in love with her.
Then I couldn't see that beauty being taken away from me,
So I became jealous,
And locked her in my house,
Fearing someone would take that beauty from me.
But then I'd understand...
The beauty was her freedom.
The thing I ever loved about her
Was the fact that I wouldn't see her sometime,
But could come back to see me, to be with me.
From time to time, I lamented myself for locking her.
So I opened the door, and let her go,
Knowing that maybe I wouldn't see her anymore.

Fearing I couldn't see her anymore,
I trapped myself on my own house,
For a person like me could never have such beauty...

When outsiders opened to door,
Only to find a rotten corpse on the floor,
They saw something on the door:
Small scratches on the lower part.

The cat came to see the person,
For she has forgiven him.
But the error was done,
And the cat walked away.

Now, she has her family,
With a little girl and his parents.
The joy in that house was fantastic.
The cat gave that joy.
The cat lived happily ever after.

The End

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