"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound

"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound (remastered)

quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

Geek Suicidal Dedication

If you saw this note,
Then it means I am dead.

So let me explain
The conditions of my end.

First, it started as a function
That receives love as argument,
and returns something.
That something is calculated by another function similar to mine,
but on another arquitecture,
So the results may be different from what was expected.

So I, trying to understand in a radical way,
Tried dividing the other function result by 0.
And then it became known that I
Don't know anything from that function.

Then, when I think the solution was that simple,
I figured out. It was 0.
There was no love.
There was no happiness.
The only result was 0.

My machine tried
To get anything better than 0,
But it was in vain.
The result was always 0.

So much I tried,
Still getting 0.

My machine had gone a segmentation fault,
And began to expand
To other areas, that wasn't supposed to be reachable.

So now I have a corrupt system,
All because of the function that received love...

To the person who read this,
"I 'm sorry".
To my friends, who always backed me up,
"I'm sorry".
To my parents, who always cared for me,
"I'm sorry".
But my life is no more.
My purpose of life is no more.

So when you received this,
Understand this as a new "Hello World".
A World of Dreams and Illusion,
Where my dreams will never came true,
And the girl I loved will be happy.
Without me to be in her life.

Happy, as I will never be...


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