"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound

"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound (remastered)

domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Momento Musical: Mami Kawada - See visionS

E aqui deixo uma música que apareceu esta semana, da Mami Kawada, chamada See visionS:

"(I won't race through the afternoon
you're my heart, you're my dream...)

There's a bird that can't fly anymore further.
Its stainless feathers felt comfortable while gliding through the blue sky.
(This place isn't bad.
That sky isn't high.
This place isn't good either.

It fears the feeling from the speed of its body.
Anyone can have a chance. It can't go any further...
(It really can't fly.
It really wants to fly.)
If that is your wish
I'll fulfill it now...

Even if the future that's unfolding in front of your eyes,
there's the strong you, the someone who is like me.
You are still too bright. but
with the same feeling I will stretch my arms,
And the someday the reality
Will show me the real "you"..."

Rebel Moon

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