"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound

"Dear Me!", dos East New Sound (remastered)

quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

Momento Musical: Yui - Again

Deixo-vos aqui a letra de uma parte da música japonesa, de Yui, chamada "Again":

I've still got a lot of years ahead of me
To just erase these feelings?
I want to go back and finish
The things that I've yet to finish.

(1st Part)
I was supposed to be chasing after my ongoing dream,
Yet I faltered over others while walking this thin, winding path.
It's not that I want to return to those days.
I'm searching for the sky I lost.
Don't make that sad face, as if you've fallen victim.
As if you want people to pity you.

Tears aren't the end of your sins.
You have to bear them painfully, forever.
Who are you waiting in the maze of emotions,
Where you can't see even the exit?
I want to blurt it out more justly,
Just like how I wrote it in my white notebook.
What do you want to run from?
That thing called "reality"?

I just want to scream out,
"I'm only living to fulfill my wish." Can you hear me?
I can't take the safe way out of everything.
I don't even have a place to return to.
I'm always thankful for everyone's kindness,
That's why I want to become stronger. (I'm on the way)
This is reminding me of the old days.
This pain is all right with me.

(Agora depois de lerem isto, vejam o vídeo acima. É daí donde fui buscar essa letra.)

Luna Rebello

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A Letra poderá ter um significado para ti.
Na minha opinião seria preferível ver um post teu, ou alguma opinião tua sobre a música.